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JR Conder

Tidal Wave Custom Pools

“Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great it is to have lvy. She is really in top of it. There is no way I could manage to contact all the leads and schedule appointments myself. Her interaction with homeowners is very professional and absolutely makes Tidal wave Custom Pools look like one of the big dawgs on block!!!! Really a great asset to my company! Keep up the good work!”

Mike Dueck

Sparkling Pools of Texas

“I had no idea how to sell pools before I started working with Matt at Results Branding. He taught me step by step what I needed to do and all I have to do is just follow the approach. I’m not sure what I like more, the appointments or the sales training. Both are amazing.”

Matthew Knowles

Aquatic Arts Pool N Spa

“The Results Branding team have been a HUGE reason for my growth not only in revenue, but in profit. Their proven strategies for profit protection have brought $500,000+ ADDITIONAL to my bottom line PER YEAR, and the best part is, I didn’t have to do any extra work for it! These guys are the real deal!”

Patrick Simmons

BluH2O Pools

“This is more than we could have ever imagined that we would be getting…You guys have helped us dramatically reduce our learning curve. At this point we are a year ahead of where we would be if we were trying to do this by ourselves.”

Peter Mokan

Affinity Outdoor Living

“Since working with Results Branding, I’ve seen the following year over year results:

Net Profit Up 110%

Revenue Up 50%

Average Contract Up 32%

Average Build Time Down 10 Weeks

Highly recommend.”

Sandra Mokan

Affinity Outdoor Living

“Deciding to work with Shan at Results Branding is the best business decision we ever made – Period.”

Debbie Young

A Cut Above Pools

“We absolutely love working with Matt & Shan at Results Branding! From sales, to operations, to construction, they’ve been able to help guide us to build our business to work on OUR terms.”

Jared Glazier

Denali Pools

“Allows us to up the leads and down the leads month by month… Shan was able to get us 125 leads in October which was great… Shan can get you the leads you want.”

Dietrich Ensz

Grand Lake Pools

“I was struggling to get deals closed and I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. Had a one on one call with Matt, we worked on one of my designs, and the contract signed 36 hours later. “

Justin Friesen

Grand Lake Pools

“When I was finally ready to get leads going for my company, I told Shan, and I think he got me 12 leads in my first day! Way more than I expected.

Bryan Johnson

Collin Bryan Construction

“I give Shan Johnson the highest recommendation I can possibly give…[they] have played an integral part in our development the past year…he has proven to be one of the top professionals in the industry…we wouldn’t be going where we are going without them.”

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