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Employee Gift Promotion

Objective: Find a gift that communicated our clients brand message and motivated employees.

Strategy and Execution: Our client, a staffing agency, wanted a gift that conveyed their message of time saving strategies and helped to foster employee loyalty.  Results Branding strategized with our client and provided several promotional product options.  The final selection was a bendable character alarm clock with a clip to hold notes or photos and arms that can be positioned to hold a pen.
The clock was ideal for several reasons:

  1. The clock would reinforce the time saving theme of our clients brand
  2. The fun and whimsical clock would make employees feel good, thus fostering loyalty
  3. The clock was an item that employees would keep on their desk and serve as an effective internal promotional campaign
  4. The clock fell within our clients budget parameters
Results:  Reactions to the gift were extremely favorable.  Employees were instantly attracted to the clocks innovative and unique design, which soon appeared on desktops throughout the company.